Awakening Baltics Discipleship Training School

What is Awakening Baltics DTS?

This DTS is special, as we will be joining in a huge outreach event called AWAKENING EUROPE that will take place 30th of August – 2nd of September in Riga, Latvia.
Thousands from all over Europe will come to join in seeing many reached for Jesus, and touched with the love of God. The focus for AWAKENING EUROPE this year is the region of the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). We will continue to carry this flame to other towns and cities across the Baltics while we learn more about God, His Word and more. Various small teams will form following this mobile equipping phase and travel to different locations for ongoing outreach and ministry.

We believe 2018 is to be a special year for the Baltic nations as these nations each celebrate 100 years in 2018.
We recognize the Spirit of God is at work to prepare this unique part of the world for His purposes. Our prayer is that many hearts will be awakened to the truth and Jesus’ love that was poured out.

This DTS consist of 11 weeks of equipping and teaching, along with a total of 8 weeks of hands on practical outreach experience. We will take time to listen and learn principles of God, then take action and apply these things in our lives as we live in community and go out to be the hands, feet, ears and voice of the Lord.


What Does DTS Look Like?

Lectures phase, we start this journey together at the YWAM base in Valdemarpils Latvia, and after about 2 weeks of team building and teaching we start traveling from hostel to hostel across the Baltic nations. The teaching will be held in different churches or other rooms in the towns and cities we travel to. The lecture phase will take us to 5-6 different places in the Baltics, including Riga for the Awakening Baltics event! Visiting and local teachers will share their stories and knowledge with us for one week each.

Outreach phase, 2 months mission’s journey where we continue to practice and share what we have learned. The class will split up into small teams and travel to different places before we re-unite for debrief and graduation in Latvia. The outreach destinations might be almost anywhere on the planet, but most likely focus on Europe (and maybe Asia). Keywords for outreach are adventure and backpacking!

Awakening Baltics DTS is for:

• Anyone!  • Those looking for a gap year before University.  •Those who want to take time out to pursue God.  • Those who love adventures and traveling.  • Have a heart for the Baltics.  • Professionals who want to be salt & light in the workplace.

Some of the DTS topics:

  • How to hear God’s voice
  • A lifestyle of worship
  • Interceding for the lost
  • Character and nature of God
  • Father Heart of God
  • Healthy relationships
  • Holy Spirit
  • How to reach out to the lost
  • Making disciples
  • Walking in Holiness and the reverence of God
  • Understanding your calling
  • Intimacy with Jesus
  • Freedom from the past
  • Bible Foundation
  • Biblical Christian worldview
  • Apostolic leadership


August 5 – December 19, 2018


Registration Fee : €35

Lecture Phase : €1850

Outreach Phase : €1000 – €1700*

*Depends on location



Costs covers lectures, outreach, housing, transport to DTS from airport and food.

The main language will be English, translation to other languages will depend on the needs.



Minimum 18 years old, be ready to be on the road, walk 1 or 2km carrying/pulling all your luggage.

Have any questions or want to apply? Contact us!

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